Document AI capture

Why interpret documents automatically?

By digitizing your company’s document interpretation, you eliminate errors and save time. It does not matter what medium the information arrives in; Vipetech provides solutions for e-invoices and PDF as well as e-mail and paper. In addition, we have a variety of products to apply to the process, and we spend a lot of time finding the one that best suits your business. We offer solutions for in-house use as well as interpreting via a service agency.

Smart solution for many types of documents

There is a wide range of solutions for interpreting documents digitally. There is also no limit to the types of documents your business can automatically be helped to read and manage, automatically. Here are some examples of document types that are ideal for automated management.

Supplier invoices

Our supplier invoice capture services handle all alternative channels and formats. You choose whether you want to manage them locally, via a cloud service, or have our service agency handle the interpretation and verification. It does not matter whether you receive your invoices via e-invoice, PDF, email or on paper. Vipetech has solutions for all the options.

We also have ready-made connections for many of the market’s most widely used business and authorisation systems:

  • Deltek Maconomy
  • Visma (Proceedo, ROR, Control/Edge, Business/Next, Admin, Global)
  • Pyramid
  • Monitor
  • IFS
  • Jeeves
  • Garp
  • Incit Xpand
  • UBW / Agresso
  • Microsoft Finance and administration
  • Microsoft Business Central
  • Netsuite
  • SAP
  • M3
  • Medius
  • Palette
  • Basware
  • Coupa
  • Aveny

Purchase orders

By automating the flow of received purchase orders, manual handling is minimized. It also ensures that work is continuous, time-efficient and error-free. Our solutions capture and interpret data from both paper and PDF, and they can pick up data from XML and EDI files. The necessary data is retrieved and finalized in a file for import into the order module of the company’s ERP system. The service also enables the retrieval of master data in order to match it with the purchase order. The purchase order can be retrieved from the mailbox, portal or file area.

Order confirmations

We can interpret incoming order confirmations easily and without error. Our solutions extract and manage the necessary data, such as items, quantities and prices. A file is then created to check off and match the purchase orders added to the purchasing module of your ERP system, making it easier for your company to keep track of the flow of purchases and orders. Order confirmations can be retrieved from the mailbox and file area.

Delivery notes

Regardless of whether delivery notes are supplied on paper or in a PDF format, we have solutions to manage and interpret their content. The physical version is scanned in batches and then interpreted together with the digital delivery notes received by e-mail or from different work order systems. Delivery notes are usually interpreted by note or order number, but can also be managed at line level.

Interpretation of contracts and other types of documents

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the development of document interpretation is advancing rapidly. New technological functions are now used to interpret unstructured document types, which increases the possibility of automating entire processes that frequently start with different forms of documents.

Document types that can be interpreted with our tools:

  • Applications
  • Notifications of damage
  • Orders
  • Recruitment matters
  • Security clearances
  • Contracts

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